23 Apr 2014

Antivibration systems and technology research: Ormant invest in new ideas

The Ormant Group is looking for researchers and agents who have been searching in antivibration systems, in order to invest in new ideas and innovative projects.

The Ormant Group has been producing and selling first quality antivibration systems for 50 years. Since 1967 the company Ormant has become an important reference point in the world of dampers and rubber antivibration mounts thanks to a costant work in research and products' innovation.

23 Apr 2014

Due to its rapindly expanding market, Ormant is looking for new agents

Due to the success of its antivibration systems, the Ormant's market is growing up even more: this is the main reason why Ormant will provide for a selection of commercial agents.

The Ormant Group has been producing and selling high-quality antivibration mountings since 1967. Ormant's strength and success results from shock absorbers' trading and now it is looking for new commercial agents. Reasearching new agents would respond on the one hand to the needs of a booming market and on the other hand it reflects the company's policy to meet its customer needs whose timely request for long-lasting and high-quality antivibration mountings is just increasing.

23 Apr 2014

Avibro's antivibration mountings were so successful during the Hannover Exhibition

The international visitors at the Hannover Exhibition were warmly invited by the very good value for money of Avibro's antivibation mountings.

A new edition of the Hannover Fair took place on 07th to 11th April 2014 where Avibro introduced its antivibration mountings under the formula "low cost but not low quality", which successfully attracted interest of the international visitors.

25 Mar 2014

Antivibration mountings labelling Ormant for the Building Industry

Ormant's crowning achievement is the well-known range of dampers for building

and construction equipments. The Department "Research and Development" of the Company Ormant always keeps on working to produce high-quality antivibration moumtings and to further develop new ones for the Building Industry.

21 Mar 2014

Avibro: Hannover Messe 2014

A new edition of the Hannover Exhibition will take place on 7th April to 11th where Avibro will introduce its antivibration mountings “low cost but no quality”.

Avibro, the new ORMANT’s brand, specialized in selling rubber mounts at low price, will be protagonist during this event.

The Hannover Messe is one of the most important exhibition in the field of technology and industrial supply. A prestigious “shop window”, we can say then, where